General Science – Biology MCQs

51. Which among the following have been found to produce a protein called Defensin-1, which has been found potential to develop drugs for antibiotic resistant bacteria?

(A) Codfish
(B) Cuttle Fish
(C) Honey bee
(D) Domestic Fly

Correct Answer: (C) Honey bee

Answer Explanation:

Defensin-1 is the name of a protein, which has the property of resistance of epithelial surfaces to microbial colonization. This protein has the potential to develop drugs for antibiotic resistant bacteria. Honey bees make this protein and adds to honey and the scientists at the Academic Medical Centre, Amsterdam say that one day the drugs developed by Honey containing Defensin-1 , could combat antibiotic-resistant infections.

52. The Gram Positive Bacteria can be identified by the Gram staining because of the following reasons?

(A) The cell walls have more lipids compared to peptidoglycan
(B) The Cells walls have more Peptidoglycan compared to Lipids
(C) The Cells membrane has more fatty acids
(D) The plasma has Peptidoglycans

Correct Answer: (B) The Cells walls have more Peptidoglycan compared to Lipids

Answer Explanation:

The cell wall which is made up of Peptidoglycan as well as lipids gets violet due to the reaction of the CV+. After the decolorization with alcohol, the lipids gets dissolved and the bacteria with higher Peptidoglycan remain violet. These are called Gram Positive bacteria.

53. The Bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) is commonly known as _______?

(A) Foot & Mouth Disease
(B) Mad Cow Disease
(C) Fog fever
(D) Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease

Correct Answer: (B) Mad Cow Disease

54. The natural Pacemaker in the Human Heart is located in the SA node which is present in which among the following chambers?

(A) Right Auricle
(B) Left Auricle
(C) Right Ventricle
(D) Left Ventricle

Correct Answer: (A) Right Auricle

55. Overdose of antibiotics will cause the suppression of synthesis of which among the following vitamins in human body?

(A) Vitamin A
(B) Calciferol
(C) Vitamin K
(D) Biotin

Correct Answer: (D) Biotin

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