General Science – Biology MCQs

66. Bubo is the scientific name of which of the following species?

(A) Hen
(B) Peacock
(C) Eagle
(D) Owl

Correct Answer: (D) Owl

67. Which among the following Vitamin is added to the milk in some countries as it is lost during the process of Fat Removal (Skimming)?

(A) Vitamin A
(B) Vitamin B
(C) Vitamin C
(D) Vitamin D

Correct Answer: (A) Vitamin A

68. Which among the following diseases is very rare in women compared to the men affected with the same disorder?

(A) Osteoporosis
(B) Color blindness
(C) Nyctalopia
(D) Down Syndrome

Correct Answer: (B) Color blindness

69. Which among the following disease has the minimum incubation period, comparing to other ones?

(A) Small Pox
(B) Influenza
(C) Measles
(D) Mumps

Correct Answer: (B) Influenza

Answer Explanation:

Influenza (1-2 days) , rest are 6-15 days

70. Deficiency of Vitamin D leads to lack of absorption of which of the following minerals?

(A) Iodine
(B) Phosphorus
(C) Calcium
(D) Iron

Correct Answer: (C) Calcium

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