General Science – Biology MCQs

41. The monocarpic plants produce flowers only ________?

(A) Once in a year
(B) Once in a season
(C) Once in lifetime
(D) One flower per plant

Correct Answer: (C) Once in lifetime

42. Which among the following is the correct meaning of Phyllotaxy?

(A) Classification of plants as per the leaves structure
(B) The manner of arrangement of leaves in stem or branch
(C) The manner the leaves fall from the branches
(D) The anatomy of leaves in angiosperms

Correct Answer: (B) The manner of arrangement of leaves in stem or branch

43. In which of the following insects, a pigment called luciferin is found?

(A) Housefly
(B) Firefly
(C) Sandfly
(D) Fruitfly

Correct Answer: (B) Firefly

44. A plant belonging to which of the following groups would show least adaptation to marine water?

(A) Pteridophytes
(B) Gymnosperms
(C) Angiosperms
(D) Bryophytes

Correct Answer: (C) Angiosperms

45. A treatment with which among the following plant hormones would prevent water loss from the plant leaves, by reducing transpiration, in times of low water availability?

(A) Ethylene
(B) Abscisic Acid
(C) Gibberelic Acid
(D) Auxin

Correct Answer: (B) Abscisic Acid

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