General Science – Biology MCQs

36. Brachytherapy is commonly used as an effective treatment for cervical, prostate, breast, and skin cancer in many parts of the world. Why Brachytherapy is an offshoot of which among the following forms of Cancer Treatment?

(A) Radiotherapy
(B) Chemotherapy
(C) Surgery
(D) None of them

Correct Answer: (A) Radiotherapy

37. From the point of view of evolution of living organisms, which of the following set of animals is a correct sequence of evolution?

(A) Whale, Kangaroo, Echidna
(B) Echidna, Whale, Kangaroo
(C) Kangaroo, Whale, Echidna
(D) Echidna, Kangaroo, Whale

Correct Answer: (D) Echidna, Kangaroo, Whale

38. Which among the following live tissues of the Human Eye does not have blood vessels?

(A) Sclera
(B) Cornea
(C) Choroid
(D) Iris

Correct Answer: (B) Cornea

39. Which among the following is involved in the Research on Desert Flora and Fauna?


Correct Answer: (A) CAZRI

Answer Explanation:

Central Arid Zone Research Institute CAZRI at Jodhpur is involved in the research on desert flora and fauna

40. The Indian Pipe Plant or Monotrapa can be best placed in which among the following groups?

(A) Parasite
(B) Saprophyte
(C) Insectivorous
(D) Lithophyte

Correct Answer: (B) Saprophyte

Answer Explanation:

Pipe Plant is a total saprophyte i.e. thrives on dead or decayed organic matter

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