This policy will let you know how GkFeed uses cookies. We recommend you to visit our Privacy Policy page for further information on how GkFeed collects and uses your personal data that you provided upon registration to the website. When you register on GkFeed, you agree that we use cookies as described in this policy. GkFeed has the right to modify this Agreement if such choice is considered necessary; so be sure to look into this page frequently so as to be aware of any changes applied to this Policy. Also, GkFeed will notify all of its users if moderations are made to the Cookie Policy via site dashboards; so please be kind enough to pay attention to the website dashboard news.

What cookies are and what are they used for?

Cookies are a small piece of data sent from a web server and stored on the user’s computer. The web client (usually a web browser), every time when you try to open a page of the website, sends this piece of data to a web server in the form of the HTTP request. Cookies are usually used to store data on the user’s side for:

  • Authentication of the user;
  • Store personal preferences and user preferences;
  • Tracking session state[en] user access;
  • Statistics about users.

In other words, this helps GkFeed identify that it is you who visited our website (as cookies uniquely identify your browser) and collects all statistical information.

What cookies does GkFeed use?

GkFeed uses a set of cookies: persistent cookies, performance cookies, functional cookies, tailored cookies, flash cookies, targeting cookies.

Persistent cookies

These are those cookies that we use in order to activate the website to remember frequent visits so as to provide you with the best website surfing experience and track what pages you visit the most in order to provide you with relative notifications

Performance cookies

This kind of cookies are used by GkFeed in order to collect information about how you use the website, how is your website navigation and usage experience (if for example, any messages appear on any of the pages or if something does not work right for you). These cookies don’t collect any of your private information or information that aims to identify you as a User when using the site; it is gathered only to have a base in order to improve the website’s performance and identify website errors.

Functional cookies

This kind of cookies is also used by GkFeed in order to improve your experience on our website. They permit the website to fix the choices you make and the pages you visit the most while using the website (for example, in order to remember your language preference or the jobs you seek for the most). This information is collected in order for our site to give you relevant recommendations and help you with the things you need the most. Further, it’s completely anonymous.

Tailored cookies

These cookies are used by our website to help us understand what content to provide you with so that it’s always relevant for you. They help the website determine what information to provide you with based on your previous website surfing experience. These cookies do not track your activities on random websites.

Flash cookies

Some features of our website may include the use of Adobe Flash player for showing you videos or animations. Flash cookies help the website to remember the setting you made when using Flash Player the previous time and adjust it according to your preference. But bear in mind that these cookies are managed differently in comparison with your regular cookies.

Target cookies

These are cookies that can also be referred to as “advertisement cookies”; they aim to deliver advertisements relevant to your interests’ advertisements. Also, they track how much time, if at all, you spend reading advertisements and calculate whether or not the advertisements are of any use.

Third-Party cookies

First party cookies are the cookies that GkFeed uses and are listed above. Third-party cookies are those cookies which are used by other websites (for example, Google Analytics). These parties may receive non-personal information from you (as all of your personal information is protected by GkFeed and it’s meant for the website’s use only).

All of the above-mentioned cookies are strictly necessary cookies that our website uses and they may not, in any way, make your personal information public, or use your personal information. Despite the fact that these cookies are strictly necessary, it is not obligatory for you to use them. Our website won’t place any limitations on you for disabling and not using the cookies. You may, at any desirable time, deactivate the cookies.

Will the above-mentioned cookies persist for long?

There are “persistent” and “session” cookies. The second class of cookies (session) will be erased when you are finished browsing. Persistent cookies will remain on your browsing device up until you delete them or they expire (the expiration date depends on the cookies). You can always access your setting to delete any cookies you want.

How to delete and deactivate cookies?

Every browser has its own interface and dashboard, but you can achieve that by entering into the “Settings” section of your browser; all browsers have a special section for cookie management. Please bear in mind that, if you disable cookies on your browser, GkFeed may malfunction and not work properly as a whole or some individual pages. You may get deprived of the opportunity to apply for a job or post a job.

Please note:

GkFeed may change the Cookie Policy at any time; so be sure to read our website’s notification dashboard(s) for changes and visit this page once in a while. If you have any additional queries on Cookie Policy or Privacy Policy of our website, you may contact GkFeed customer support. If there are any personal information issues that have to do with GkFeed or suspected leak of information or if you happen to have become a victim of fraud on GkFeed, contact the website’s customer support at once so as to report your problem.