General Science – Biology MCQs

76. Which among the following is found in a Bacteriophage?

(A) only RNA
(B) only DNA
(C) Both RNA & DNA
(D) Either RNA or DNA

Correct Answer: (D) Either RNA or DNA

77. The correct group of animals that suffer from the “Foot & Mouth ” disease is as follows:

(A) Only Cattle
(B) Cattle & Sheeps
(C) Cattle and Pigs
(D) Cattle, Sheeps and Pigs

Correct Answer: (D) Cattle, Sheeps and Pigs

78. Turmeric belongs to from which one of the following family of plants?

(A) Radish
(B) Ginger
(C) Onion
(D) Clove

Correct Answer: (B) Ginger

79. For which of the following diseases first successful vaccination was developed (it is caused by Variola virus)?

(A) Cowpox
(B) Chickenpox
(C) Smallpox
(D) Polio

Correct Answer: (C) Smallpox

80. In which of the following era began the Self replicating RNA molecules on Earth?

(A) Basin Era
(B) Nectarian Era
(C) Early Imbrian
(D) Cryptic Era

Correct Answer: (A) Basin Era

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