General Science – Biology MCQs

31. The useful part of Zingiber officinale is ____?

(A) Roots
(B) Rhizome
(C) Leaves
(D) fruits

Correct Answer: (B) Rhizome

32. Beta-Keratin is found in which among the following in abundance?

(A) Fishes
(B) Reptiles
(C) Mammalians
(D) Amphibians

Correct Answer: (B) Reptiles

33. Antipyretic medicines are used for which among the following purposes?

(A) In fever
(B) In Diarrhea
(C) In Cough
(D) In Allergy

Correct Answer: (A) In fever

34. A health problem which is characterized by inability of the bone marrow to produce the red blood cells is placed in which among the following groups?

(A) Anuria
(B) Aplastic Anemia
(C) Pernicious Anemia
(D) Aplasia

Correct Answer: (B) Aplastic Anemia

35. In context with the connective tissues, which among the following connect join Bones to Bones?

(A) Ligaments
(B) Tendons
(C) Reticular fibers
(D) Raphe

Correct Answer: (A) Ligaments

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