General Science – Biology MCQs

171. Japanese encephalitis is a disease caused by __ ?

(A) Virus
(B) Protozoa
(C) Bacteria
(D) Fungi

Correct Answer: (A) Virus

Answer Explanation:

Japanese encephalitis is caused by virus from the family Flaviviridae. It’s a Mosquito Borne Disease

172. Which among the following is caused by Virus?

(A) Mumps
(B) Beri Beri
(C) Tuberculosis
(D) Dysentery

Correct Answer: (A) Mumps

173. Which among the following causes ‘Dumdum Fever’ or Kala Azar?

(A) Bacteria
(B) Fungi
(C) protozoa
(D) Virus

Correct Answer: (C) protozoa

Answer Explanation:

Kala Azar is also known as Dum dum fever and Visceral leishmaniasis . Its caused by protozoa of Leishmania genus, vector is sandfly

174. Who among the following worked on Tuberculosis?

(A) Robert Koch
(B) Karl Ernst von Baer
(C) Erwin Neher
(D) Richard Goldschmidt

Correct Answer: (A) Robert Koch

175. Which among the following is not a carnivorous plant?

(A) Pitcher plant
(B) Venus Fly Trap
(C) waterwheel plant
(D) Marsh Mallow

Correct Answer: (D) Marsh Mallow

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