General Science – Biology MCQs

6. Which among the following is not a ‘hereditary’ disease?

(A) Thalassemia
(B) Colour-Blindness
(C) Haemophilia
(D) Leukemia

Correct Answer: (D) Leukemia

7. Human Papillomavirus is related to which of the following diseases?

(A) Prostate Cancer
(B) Cervical Cancer
(C) Lymphatic Filariasis
(D) Leukemia

Correct Answer: (B) Cervical Cancer

8. The nutritional supplements Spirulina, Chorella and the Vitamin-C supplement, Dunaliella are actually :

(A) Algae
(B) Lichens
(C) Probiotics
(D) Bryophytes

Correct Answer: (A) Algae

9. Anemophily’ is pollination by :

(A) Birds
(B) Wind
(C) Ants
(D) Bats

Correct Answer: (B) Wind

Answer Explanation:

Abiotic pollination refers to situations where pollination is mediated without the involvement of other organisms. The most common form of abiotic pollination, anemophily, is pollination by wind. This form of pollination is predominant in grasses, most conifers, and many deciduous trees. Of the 20% of abiotically pollinated species, 98% are anemophilous and 2% hydrophilous, being pollinated by water.

10. Pest-resistant cotton commonly known as ‘Bt-Cotton’ is genetically engineered by inserting a gene from a:

(A) Bacterium
(B) Virus
(C) Microalgae
(D) Protist

Correct Answer: (A) Bacterium

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