Sociology General knowledge and Quiz

26. Who among the following had divided sociology into two major parts, namely static and dynamic sociology

(A)  Auguste Comte
(B)  Hegel
(C)  Rudolph
(D)  Hobhouse

Correct Answer: (A)  Auguste Comte

27. Who considers poverty as a result of exploitation and not of scarcity

(A)  Weber
(B)  Plato
(C)  Marx
(D)  Pareto

Correct Answer: (C)  Marx

28. The study of the vital processes of population aggregates is called

(A)  Ecology
(B)  Demography
(C)  Statistics
(D)  Anthropology

Correct Answer: (B)  Demography

29. Who is the author of the book “The Golden Bough”

(A)  G. Thomson
(B)  J. Frazer
(C)  B. Malinowski
(D)  L. H. Morgan

Correct Answer: (B)  J. Frazer

30. Who among the following thinkers is associated with the terms “id”, “ego” and “superego”

(A)  Carl G. Jung
(B)  Gordon Allport
(C)  Kimbal Young
(D)  Sigmund Freud

Correct Answer: (D)  Sigmund Freud

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