Sociology General knowledge and Quiz

36. Who first used the term “phenomenology” as a principle of philosophical and scientific methods

(A)  Peter Burger
(B)  J. Turner
(C)  Edmund Husserl
(D)  Harold Garfinkel

Correct Answer: (C)  Edmund Husserl

37. Who formulated the concept of “marginal man” in sociology

(A)  W. Whyte
(B)  R. K. Merton
(C)  R. M. Maclever and C. H. Page
(D)  R. Park and E. V. Stonequist

Correct Answer: (D)  R. Park and E. V. Stonequist

38. Who is the author of the book “The Structure of Hindu Society”

(A)  N. K. Bose
(B)  Y. Singh
(C)  M. N. Srinivas
(D)  G. S. Ghurye

Correct Answer: (A)  N. K. Bose

39. The term sociology was coined by

(A)  Herbert Spencer
(B)  Saint Simon
(C)  Auguste Comte
(D)  Max Weber

Correct Answer: (C)  Auguste Comte

40. In which year the term “Sociology” was coined

(A)  1798
(B)  1815
(C)  1820
(D)  1838

Correct Answer: (D)  1838

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