Sociology General knowledge and Quiz

126. Pluralistic society shares the characteristics of

(A)  Capitalistic society
(B)  Post-modernistic society
(C)  Industrial society
(D)  Post-industrial society

Correct Answer: (B)  Post-modernistic society

127. Who among the following distinguishes three components of the ‘life world’ — culture, society and personality

(A)  A. Schultz
(B)  E. Husserl
(C)  P. Berger
(D)  J. Habermas

Correct Answer: (D)  J. Habermas

128. Who among the following theorists sees contemporary society as a death culture, with death being the ‘paradigm’ of all social exclusion and discrimination

(A)  J. Baudrillard
(B)  U. Beck
(C)  M. Foucault
(D)  J.F. Lyotard

Correct Answer: (A)  J. Baudrillard

129. Who has considered that ‘most often action is routine and relatively unreflexive’

(A)  Alfred Schultz
(B)  H. Garfinkel
(C)  Max Weber
(D)  John Heritage

Correct Answer: (A)  Alfred Schultz

130. Who has observed a link between the structures of the mind and the structures of society

(A)  Charles Lemert
(B)  Radcliffe Brown
(C)  Levi-Strauss
(D)  Michel Foucault

Correct Answer: (C)  Levi-Strauss

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