Sociology General knowledge and Quiz

31. Who propounded the concepts of “manifest function” and “latent function”

(A)  Robert Merton
(B)  Talcott Parsons
(C)  L. T. Hobhouse
(D)  Marion Levy

Correct Answer: (A)  Robert Merton

32. Who introduced the social distance scale

(A)  Bogardus
(B)  Bossard
(C)  Reissmann
(D)  Thomlinson

Correct Answer: (A)  Bogardus

33. Who advocated the importance of keeping social sciences or its analysis ethically neutral or value free

(A)  Comte
(B)  Hobhouse
(C)  Durkheim
(D)  Weber

Correct Answer: (D)  Weber

34. Who has classified action in logical and non-logical categories

(A)  Parsons
(B)  Pareto
(C)  Spencer
(D)  Mead

Correct Answer: (B)  Pareto

35. Who consider poverty as a result of exploitation and not of scarcity

(A)  Weber
(B)  Hobhouse
(C)  Marx
(D)  Peter Blau

Correct Answer: (C)  Marx

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