Sociology General knowledge and Quiz

66. Who is the profounder of the concept of “Global village”

(A)  R. Gilpin
(B)  Malcolm Waters
(C) Marshall McLuhan
(D)  Anthony Giddens

Correct Answer: (C) Marshall McLuhan

67. Who said “Sociology is the study of social groups”

(A)  H.M. Johnson
(B)  A.M. Rose
(C)  Maclver and Page
(D)  Max Weber

Correct Answer: (A)  H.M. Johnson

68. Who introduces the concept of “Role set” in sociology

(A)  Linton
(B)  Merton
(C)  Veblen
(D)  Weber

Correct Answer: (B)  Merton

69. Who has propounded the concept of “white collar crime”

(A)  Cohen
(B)  Merton
(C)  Parsons
(D)  Sutherland

Correct Answer: (D)  Sutherland

70. The concept of “Formal sociology” has been given by

(A)  George Simmel
(B)  T.B. Bottomore
(C)  Sorokin
(D)  Bogardus

Correct Answer: (A)  George Simmel

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