Sociology General knowledge and Quiz

121. The book on “The Phenomenology of the Social World” is written by

(A)  Edmund Husserl
(B)  Edmund Husserl
(C)  Karl Manheim
(D)  Alfred Schultz

Correct Answer: (D)  Alfred Schultz

122. …….. have explained the duplicity of people’s soöially constructed reality

(A)  Peter Berger and Thomas Luckman
(B)  Karl Marx and Max Weber
(C)  Karl Manheim and E. Durkheim
(D)  E. Husserl and Alfred Schultz

Correct Answer: (A)  Peter Berger and Thomas Luckman

123. …….is the field of inquiry that seeks to understand the methods people employ to make sense out of their world

(A)  Symbolic Interactionism
(B)  Phenomenology
(C)  Ethnomethodology
(D)  Dialectical method

Correct Answer: (B)  Phenomenology

124. Name the sociologist who suggested that human behaviour is regulated by means of “Surveillance”

(A)   M. Foucault
(B)   T. Parsons
(C)   J. Derrida
(D)   A. Giddens

Correct Answer: (A)   M. Foucault

125. Who has developed the concept of ‘Structuration’

(A)  Jacques Derrida
(B)  Pierre Bourdieu
(C)  Anthony Giddens
(D)  Maurice Godelier

Correct Answer: (C)  Anthony Giddens

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