Sociology General knowledge and Quiz

76. The result of social interaction is _________

(A)  social stratification
(B)  social value
(C)  social process
(D)  social pattern

Correct Answer: (C)  social process

77. Who has classified status into “ascribed” and “achieved”

(A)  Robert Bierstedt
(B)  Ralph Linton
(C)  H.M. Johnson
(D)  R.M. Maclver

Correct Answer: (B)  Ralph Linton

78. “Primary groups are nurseries of human nature” This is stated by

(A)  H.M. Johnson
(B)  Herbert Spencer
(C)  George Simmel
(D)  C.H. Cooley

Correct Answer: (D)  C.H. Cooley

Q79. Any small group marked by continuous close interaction of a highly personal and emotionally supportive nature is called

(A)  Reference group
(B)  Primary group
(C)  Interest group
(D)  Secondary group

Correct Answer: (B)  Primary group

80. The group other than one’s own group shaping the behavior of an individual is called

(A)  ingroup
(B)  outgroup
(C)  primary group
(D)  reference group

Correct Answer: (D)  reference group

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