Sociology General knowledge and Quiz

21. “Sociology is the study of the forms of social relations”, who said this

(A)  E Durkheim
(B)  R. M. Maclver and C. H. Page
(C)  G. Simmel
(D)  M. Ginsberg

Correct Answer: (C)  G. Simmel

22. Who coined the terms “Gemeinschaft” and “Gesellschaft”

(A)  Karl Marx
(B)  M. Weber
(C)  F. Tonnies
(D)  G. Simmel

Correct Answer: (C)  F. Tonnies

23. Who amongst the following viewed crime as an inevitable, normal, and integral part of healthy societies

(A)  Durkheim
(B)  Marx
(C)  Weber
(D)  Pareto

Correct Answer: (A)  Durkheim

24. Who coined the terms “little traditions” and “great traditions”

(A)  Milton Singer
(B)  Robert Redfield
(C)  Harold Gould
(D)  Y. Singh

Correct Answer: (B)  Robert Redfield

25. The term “ethnocentrism” was coined by

(A)  Theodor Adorno
(B)  E. Burgess
(C)  C. Darwin
(D)  W. G. Sumner

Correct Answer: (D)  W. G. Sumner

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