Sociology General knowledge and Quiz

71. Who is the author of the book “Social Thought from Lore to Science”

(A)  Alex Inkels
(B)  Peter Berger
(C)  Harry Elmer Barnes
(D)  Howard Becker

Correct Answer: (C)  Harry Elmer Barnes

72. The study of forms of social relationship is identified as the scope of sociology by

(A)  Maclver
(B)  Small
(C)  Max Weber
(D)  Simmel

Correct Answer: (B)  Small

73. Who has given the concept of ‘Reflexive role taking’

(A)  Merton
(B)  Linton
(C)  Cooley
(D)  G. H. Mead

Correct Answer: (D)  G. H. Mead

74. Who has said that “A role is a set of socially accepted and approved behavior pattern consisting of both duties and privileges”

(A)  Ogburn and Nimkoff
(B)  Kingsley Davis
(C)  R. K. Merton
(D)  Maclver

Correct Answer: (A)  Ogburn and Nimkoff

75. The practice of marrying outside one’s class is called

(A)  Exogamy
(B)  Endogamy
(C)  Hypergamy
(D)  Hypogamy

Correct Answer: (A)  Exogamy

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