Sociology General knowledge and Quiz

56. Who gave the concept of Sanskritization

(A)  G. S. Ghurye
(B)  M. N. Srinivas
(C)  Yogendra Singh
(D)  C. Parvathamma

Correct Answer: (B)  M. N. Srinivas

57. According to Husserl reality can be understood by

(A)  Scientific method
(B)  Social survey
(C)  Contextual experience
(D)  Relative experience

Correct Answer: (C)  Contextual experience

58. Who is the predecessor of Ethnomethodology

(A)  Husserl
(B)  Harold Garfinkel
(C)  Goffman
(D)  Blummer

Correct Answer: (B)  Harold Garfinkel

59. Which is the features of Ethnomethodological theory

(A)  Accounts of interaction
(B)  Meanings of interactions
(C)  Methodology
(D)  All of the above

Correct Answer: (D)  All of the above

60. Who has written the book “System of Positive Polity”

(A)  E. Leach
(B)  Auguste Comte
(C)  Herbert Spencer
(D)  R.E. Park

Correct Answer: (B)  Auguste Comte

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