Sociology General knowledge and Quiz

111. E. Sutherland founded the theory of

(A)  Blue Collar Crime
(B)  Crime by Dacoits
(C)  White Collar Crime
(D)  Cyber Crime

Correct Answer: (C)  White Collar Crime

112. All countries pass through various stages of demographic transition. Which one of the following is not such a stage

(A)  High birth rate
(B)  Decline in death rate
(C)  Low steady death and birth rate
(D)  Optimum stage

Correct Answer: (D)  Optimum stage

113. Who introduced the concept/term ‘post-industrial society’

(A)  J. Burnham
(B)  G.K. Galbraith
(C)  Daniel Bell
(D)  R. Dahrendorf

Correct Answer: (C)  Daniel Bell

114. Which group of the feminists accept the view that ‘State is a system of structures and institutions created by man in order to recreate male domination and female subordination’

(A)   Liberal Feminists
(B)   Radical Feminists
(C)   Marxist Feminists
(D)   Eco Feminists

Correct Answer: (B)   Radical Feminists

115. The term ‘Sociological Imagination’ was coined by whom

(A)  C.W. Mills
(B)  Peter Berger
(C)  A. Giddens
(D)  J.S. Mill

Correct Answer: (A)  C.W. Mills

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