Sociology General knowledge and Quiz

81. Who has classified the groups as ingroup and outgroup

(A)  W.G. Sumner
(B)  Laster F. Ward
(C)  C.H. Cooley
(D)  J.H. Fichter

Correct Answer: (A)  W.G. Sumner

82. Who has given the idea of consciousness of kind

(A)  H.M. Johnson
(B)  R.M. Maclver
(C)  F.H. Giddings
(D)  None of these

Correct Answer: (C)  F.H. Giddings

83. Who has defined the concept of “Looking Glass Self” among the following

(A)  G.H. Mead
(B)  S. Freud
(C)  C.H. Cooley
(D)  D.H. Wrong

Correct Answer: (C)  C.H. Cooley

84. A developed society is characterized by

(A)  Particularistic value
(B)  Diffuseness value
(C)  Ascription value
(D)  Specificity value

Correct Answer: (D)  Specificity value

85. Interpretative sociology’s basic unit of analysis is

(A)  organization
(B)  structure
(C)  system
(D)  action

Correct Answer: (D)  action

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