Sociology General knowledge and Quiz

96. The principle of natural selection was first applied in sociology by

(A)  Herbert Spencer
(B)  Radcliffe Brown
(C)  Von Wiese
(D)  F. Tonnies

Correct Answer: (A)  Herbert Spencer

97. The book ‘The Theory of Social Structure’ is authored by

(A)  Levi-Strauss
(B)  A.R. Radcliffe Brown
(C)  S.F. Nadel
(D)  B. Malinowski

Correct Answer: (C)  S.F. Nadel

98. Which among these two creates a situation for role conflict

(A)  Conflict within a single role
(B)  Conflict between roles
(C)  Both (A) and (B)
(D)  None of the above

Correct Answer: (B)  Conflict between roles

99. Who has classified status into “ascribed” and “achieved”

(A)  Robert Bierstedt
(B)  H.M. Johnson
(C)  R.M. Mac Iver
(D)  Ralph Linton

Correct Answer: (D)  Ralph Linton

100. “Primary Groups are the nurseries of human nature.” This is stated by

(A)  H.M. Johnson
(B)  Herbert Spencer
(C)  George Simmel
(D)  C.H. Cooley

Correct Answer: (D)  C.H. Cooley

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