Sociology General knowledge and Quiz

51. ‘A nucleus of blood relatives surrounded by a fringe of spouses’, the brothers and sisters representing the core of the family unit, is known as

(A)  Consanguinal family
(B)  Conjugal family
(C)  Extended family
(D)  None of the above

Correct Answer: (A)  Consanguinal family

52. Who among the following contributed to the concept of dominant caste

(A)  S. C. Dubey
(B)  R. K. Mukherjee
(C)  M. N. Srinivas
(D)  D. P. Mukherjee

Correct Answer: (C)  M. N. Srinivas

53. Which among the following is not an agent of political socialization

(A)  State
(B)  Caste
(C)  Media
(D)  Family

Correct Answer: (B)  Caste

54. Who made the statement “State is a special repressive force of the suppression of the proletariat by the bourgeois, of millions of toilers by handful of rich”

(A)  Karl Marx
(B)  Lenin
(C)  Maclver
(D)  F. Engels

Correct Answer: (B)  Lenin

55. Who among the following written the book “The Power Elite”

(A)  V. Pareto
(B)  G. Mosca
(C)  C. Wright Mills
(D)  None of the above

Correct Answer: (C)  C. Wright Mills

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