Sociology General knowledge and Quiz

11. Which is the main basis of Association according to Tonnies

(A)  Social Interest
(B)  Political Interest
(C)  Economic Interest
(D)  Cultural Interest

Correct Answer: (C)  Economic Interest

12. The book “Kinship Organization in India” was written by

(A)  Kingsley Davis
(B)  Patricia Uberoi
(C)  D. N. Majumdar
(D)  Iravati Karve

Correct Answer: (D)  Iravati Karve

13. Who among the following was/were advocate(s) of the functionalist theory of stratification

(A)  E. Durkheim
(B)  Kingsley Davis
(C)  Ogburn and Nimkoff
(D)  R. W. Murray

Correct Answer: (B)  Kingsley Davis

14. Which of the following concepts is associated with Thorstein Veblen’s name

(A)  Alienation
(B)  Cultural tourism
(C)  Leisure class
(D)  Consumerism

Correct Answer: (C)  Leisure class

15. The process by which the cultural traits invented or discovered in one society spread directly or indirectly to other societies is called

(A)  Cultural relativism
(B)  Cultural diffusion
(C)  Ethnocentrism
(D)  Assimilation

Correct Answer: (B)  Cultural diffusion

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