Sociology General knowledge and Quiz

131. Who has criticized the economic determinism to be implicit in parts of Marx’s original work

(A)  J. Habermas
(B)  T. Bottomore
(C)  J. Morrow
(D)  L. Althusser

Correct Answer: (A)  J. Habermas

132. The concept of ‘Symmetrical Family’ has been propounded by

(A)  M. Young and P. Willmott
(B)  Oakley
(C)  Bauman and Smart
(D)  Smart

Correct Answer: (A)  M. Young and P. Willmott

133. Who is of the opinion that the notion of the fundamental opposition between the pure and the impure is the hallmark of the caste system

(A)  M.N. Srinivas
(B)  Louis Dumont
(C)  Surjit Sinha
(D)  B.R. Ambedkar

Correct Answer: (B)  Louis Dumont

134. Which type of sampling method is ideally suited, where there is no knowledge about population

(A)  Convenient sampling method
(B)  Purposive sampling method
(C)  Quota sampling method
(D)  Snowball sampling method

Correct Answer: (D)  Snowball sampling method

135. Which of the following is associated with Descriptive Design

(A)  Analysis of Demographic Trends
(B)  Internal-consistency reliability
(C)  Split-half reliability
(D)  Content-level reliability

Correct Answer: (A)  Analysis of Demographic Trends

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