Sociology General knowledge and Quiz

86. Who among the following gave a linear explanation for the evolution of human societies

(A)  Pareto
(B)  Weber
(C)  Spencer
(D)  Sorokin

Correct Answer: (C)  Spencer

87. Conspicuous consumption is an example of

(A)  Manifesto function
(B)  Latent function
(C)  Confunction
(D)  Disfunction

Correct Answer: (A)  Manifesto function

88. Anomic suicide is the result of

(A)  Low social integration
(B)  Low social regulation
(C)  High social integration
(D)  High social regulation

Correct Answer: (B)  Low social regulation

89. Who has given the concept of “functional alternatives”

(A)  Talcott Parsons
(B)  Robert K. Merton
(C)  Albert Cohen
(D)  Emile Durkheim

Correct Answer: (B)  Robert K. Merton

90. Who regards deviance as functional for society

(A)  Albert Cohen
(B)  Robert K. Merton
(C)  Emile Durkheim
(D)  Radcliffe Brown

Correct Answer: (C)  Emile Durkheim

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