Sociology General knowledge and Quiz

61. The collection of roles that goes with a given status is termed as

(A)  Multiple Roles
(B)  Role Set
(C)  Conflict of roles
(D)  Summation of roles

Correct Answer: (B)  Role Set

62. Who said that ‘society is web of social relationship’

(A)  Weber
(B)  Maclver
(C)  Marx
(D)  Durkheim

Correct Answer: (B)  Maclver

63. Who said that ‘sociology is the science of collective behavior’

(A)  Durkheim
(B)  Park and Burgess
(C)  Weber
(D)  Bernard

Correct Answer: (B)  Park and Burgess

64. Advance organizer model was the result of the efforts of

(A)  Bruce Joyce
(B)  David Ausubel
(C)  John Ausubel
(D)  Joyce and Weil

Correct Answer: (B)  David Ausubel

65. The book “Principles of Psychology” is authored by

(A)  John Dewey
(B)  William James
(C)  Ebbinghaus
(D)  Wundt

Correct Answer: (B)  William James

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