Sociology General knowledge and Quiz

46. Who has given the notion of “Democracy” and “Public Sphere”

(A)  Juergen Habermas
(B)  Ulrich Beck
(C)  Anthony Giddens
(D)  Michel Foucault

Correct Answer: (A)  Juergen Habermas

47. A position or rank that is assigned to a person at birth and cannot be changed is

(A)  A closed status
(B)  A fixed status
(C)  An achieved status
(D)  An ascribed status

Correct Answer: (D)  An ascribed status

48. Concept of culture lag is given by

(A)  Kingsley Davis
(B)  Nimcoff
(C)  Ogburn
(D)  Mclver

Correct Answer: (C)  Ogburn

49. The concept of “Reflexive role taking” was given by

(A)  Merton
(B)  Linton
(C)  Coley
(D)  G. H. Mead

Correct Answer: (D)  G. H. Mead

50. Who said “There are no roles without statuses or statuses without roles”

(A)  Ralph Linton
(B)  Robert Park
(C)  S. F. Nadel
(D)  R. K. Merton

Correct Answer: (A)  Ralph Linton

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