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21. Which one is the epicenter of the Assam silk industry

(A) Majuli
(B) Mangaldoi
(C) Sualkuchi
(D) Tangla

Correct Answer: (C) Sualkuchi

22. Under whose guidance the Vrindavani vastra was woven by Assamese weavers

(A) Sankardeva
(B) Madhvadeva
(C) Chilarai
(D) Rudra Singha

Correct Answer: (A) Sankardeva

23. The Namdang Stone Bridge was constructed during the reign of Ahom king

(A) Lakshmi Singha
(B) Siva Singha
(C) Gadadhar Singha
(D) Rudra Singha

Correct Answer: (D) Rudra Singha

24. The Moamoria Rebellion started during the reign of

(A) Kamaleswar Singha
(B) Siva Singha
(C) Lakshmi Singha
(D) Prataap Singha

Correct Answer: (C) Lakshmi Singha

25. Which Ahom king had the shortest reign of 21 days only

(A) Gobar Roja
(B) Samaguria Rojaa
(C) Parvatia Rojaa
(D) Jogeswar Singha

Correct Answer: (B) Samaguria Rojaa

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