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151. Siang, joined by Lohit and Dibang makes which of the following rivers

(A) Jia Bharali
(B) Dikhow
(C) Subansiri
(D) Brahmaputra

Correct Answer: (D) Brahmaputra

152. The literacy rate of Assam according to 2011 census is

(A) 72.19 %
(B) 72.58 %
(C) 73.12 %
(D) 73.98 %

Correct Answer: (A) 72.19 %

153. When the uprising of Patharughat took place

(A) 1857
(B) 1864
(C) 1889
(D) 1894

Correct Answer: (D) 1894

154. Who was the President of the Swaraj Party in Assam during the freedom movement

(A) Bishnuram Medhi
(B) Gopinath Bordoloi
(C) Tarun Ram Phookan
(D) Maniram Dewan

Correct Answer: (C) Tarun Ram Phookan

155. The terracotta industry is located in

(A) Dhubri
(B) Karimganj
(C) Goalpara
(D) Dhemaji

Correct Answer: (A) Dhubri

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