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111. The historic Assam Accord was signed on

(A) 15th August 1985
(B) 26th January 1986
(C) 15th August 1986
(D) 15th August 1990

Correct Answer: (A) 15th August 1985

112. Ali-Aai-Ligang is an agri-based festival celebrated by the

(A) Bodo
(B) Khasis
(C) Mising
(D) Naga

Correct Answer: (C) Mising

113. “Me-Dum-Me-Phi” festival is celebrated annually on

(A) 31st January
(B) 31st July
(C) 31st August
(D) 31st December

Correct Answer: (A) 31st January

114. Assam Police Day observed on

(A) 13th January
(B) 4th April
(C) 8th September
(D) 1st October

Correct Answer: (D) 1st October

115. Which of the following districts of Assam has been declared as first tobacco free district

(A) Karimganj
(B) Kamrup Metro
(C) Jorhat
(D) Golaghat

Correct Answer: (C) Jorhat

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