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6. Name the Mughal General who took possession of the Ahom Capital Gahrgaon in 1662

(A) Murshid Quli Khan
(B) Islam Khan
(C) Shaista Khan
(D) Mir Jumla

Correct Answer: (D) Mir Jumla

7. Who was the central figure of the Revolt of 1857 in Assam

(A) Kandarpeswar Singha
(B) Maniram Dewan
(C) Piyali Barua
(D) Bahadur Gaoburah

Correct Answer: (B) Maniram Dewan

8. What was the capital of the Province ‘Eastern Bengal and Assam’

(A) Shillong
(B) Rangpur
(C) Chittagong
(D) Dacca

Correct Answer: (D) Dacca

9. The Treaty of Badarpur was signed between David Scott and Govinda Chandra on March

(A) 1820
(B) 1821
(C) 1823
(D) 1824

Correct Answer: (D) 1824

10. Cachar was placed under the Commissionerate of Dacca in

(A) 1836
(B) 1837
(C) 1839
(D) 1840

Correct Answer: (A) 1836

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