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131. The Treaty of Yandaboo signed between East India Company and which one of the following

(A) Ahom King
(B) King of Burma
(C) Kachari King
(D) Chutiya King

Correct Answer: (B) King of Burma

132. The first Peasant Uprising against the British was known as

(A) Phulaguri Dhawa
(B) Patharughat Raijmel
(C) Battle of Itakhuli
(D) None of the above

Correct Answer: (A) Phulaguri Dhawa

133. The first phase of Moamoria Rebellion was started in

(A) 1749
(B) 1759
(C) 1769
(D) 1779

Correct Answer: (C) 1769

134. In which year Gopinath Bordoloi was arrested for taking part in the freedom movement

(A) 1915
(B) 1918
(C) 1920
(D) 1922

Correct Answer: (D) 1922

135. In addition to Assamese, which other language from the State is included in the Eighth Schedule of the Indian Constitution

(A) Mising
(B) Rabha
(C) Tiwa
(D) Bodo

Correct Answer: (D) Bodo

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