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126. Of the total production of Muga, the Golden Silk, in the world, Assam produces

(A) 69%
(B) 79%
(C) 89%
(D) 99%

Correct Answer: (D) 99%

127. In which of the following National Parks / Wildlife Sanctuaries, the density of the rhino population is the highest

(A) Manas
(B) Kaziranga
(C) Pobitora
(D) Nameri

Correct Answer: (C) Pobitora

128. The highest concentration of forest in the State of Assam occurs in

(A) Karbi Anglong district
(B) Dima Hasao district
(C) Goalpara district
(D) Dhubri district

Correct Answer: (A) Karbi Anglong district

129. Pani Dihing Bird Sanctuary is located in which one of the following districts

(A) Jorhat
(B) Sivasagar
(C) Golaghat
(D) Dhemaji

Correct Answer: (B) Sivasagar

130. Who was the first martyr of the 1942 Revolution in Assam

(A) Kanaklata Barua
(B) Kamala Miri
(C) Kushal Konwar
(D) Maniram Dewan

Correct Answer: (A) Kanaklata Barua

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