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106. Who wrote the book ‘Bhakti Ratnavali’

(A) Sankardev
(B) Madhava Kandali
(C) Madhavdev
(D) Hema Saraswati

Correct Answer: (C) Madhavdev

107. The Phulaguri uprising took place

(A) 1848
(B) 1852
(C) 1861
(D) 1869

Correct Answer: (C) 1861

108. When Bhupen Hazarika had been awarded with Dadasaheb Phalke Award

(A) 1990
(B) 1992
(C) 1993
(D) 1997

Correct Answer: (B) 1992

109. Which of the following places is the site of rain forest in Assam and in which District

(A) Sonai Rupai (Sonitpur)
(B) Joypur (Dibrugarh)
(C) Sessa (Dibrugarh)
(D) Manas (Kokrajhar)

Correct Answer: (B) Joypur (Dibrugarh)

110. Who among the following from Assam joined the famous Dandi March

(A) Nabin Chandra Bordoloi
(B) Tarunram Phukan
(C) Kuladhar Saikia
(D) Liladhar Baruah

Correct Answer: (D) Liladhar Baruah

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