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16. Sadulla’s Coalition Ministry took place on

(A) 1st April 1937
(B) 1st March 1937
(C) 5th March 1939
(D) 5th April 1941

Correct Answer: (A) 1st April 1937

17. Who is the founder of the South-East Asia Ramayana Research Center

(A) Bhupen Hazarika
(B) Mamoni Raisom Goswami
(C) Dhrubajyoti Bora
(D) Lakshminath Bezbaroa

Correct Answer: (B) Mamoni Raisom Goswami

18. Durjaya (present-day North Guwahati) was the capital of

(A) Pala Dynasty
(B) Mlechchha Dynasty
(C) Varman Dynasty
(D) Naraka Dynasty

Correct Answer: (A) Pala Dynasty

19. Who was the second President of Assam Sahitya Sabha

(A) Kaliram Medhi
(B) Chandradhar Barua
(C) Amrit Bhushan Dev Adhikari
(D) Rajanikanta Bordoloi

Correct Answer: (B) Chandradhar Barua

20. In which year ‘O Mur Apunar Desh’ was officially adopted as the Assam’s state song

(A) 1927
(B) 1934
(C) 1942
(D) 1950

Correct Answer: (A) 1927

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