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181. Which language is used by Sankardev to written Borgeets

(A) Assamese
(B) Sanskrit
(C) Bengali
(D) Brajavali

Correct Answer: (D) Brajavali

182. The Treaty of Yandabo was signed in the year

(A) 1802
(B) 1826
(C) 1830
(D) 1832

Correct Answer: (B) 1826

183. Which one is the first Assamese novel

(A) Mirijiyori
(B) Podum Kunwari
(C) Bhanumati
(D) Sudharmar Upakhyan

Correct Answer: (C) Bhanumati

184. The state anthem “O Mur Apunar Desh” was first published in the magazine named

(A) Bahi
(B) Jonaki
(C) Surabhi
(D) Jonbiri

Correct Answer: (A) Bahi

185. The first Assamese magazine Orunodoi was published in the year

(A) 1836
(B) 1846
(C) 1872
(D) 1882

Correct Answer: (B) 1846

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