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141. The first rebellion against the British rule in Assam in 1828 was led by

(A) Piyali Phukan
(B) Maniram Dewan
(C) Gomdhar Knowar
(D) Piyali Baruah

Correct Answer: (C) Gomdhar Knowar

142. Who was the author of the book “India against Itself”

(A) Dr. Hiren Gohain
(B) Dr. Mamani Roysom Goswami
(C) Homen Borgohain
(D) Dr. Sanjib Barua

Correct Answer: (D) Dr. Sanjib Barua

143. The Dhodar Ali is constructed during the reign of

(A) Rudra Singha
(B) Gadadhar Singha
(C) Pramatta Singha
(D) Siva Singha

Correct Answer: (B) Gadadhar Singha

144. The Jaysagar Tank was excavated under the reign of which of the following Kings

(A) Rudra Singha
(B) Gadadhar Singha
(C) Siva Singha
(D) Rajeswar Singha

Correct Answer: (A) Rudra Singha

145. The district which was separated from Assam and was given to East Pakistan in the year 1947 was

(A) Khulna
(B) Sylhet
(C) Chittagong
(D) Sholashahar

Correct Answer: (B) Sylhet

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