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66. The first modern Assamese theatre hall ‘Baan theatre’ established at Tezpur in the year

(A) 1899
(B) 1903
(C) 1906
(D) 1909

Correct Answer: (C) 1906

67. Which Assamese writer is also known as ‘Bakulbonor Kavi’

(A) Bishnuram Medhi
(B) Binanda Chandra Barua
(C) Anandaram Dhekial Phukan
(D) Ananda Chandra Barua

Correct Answer: (D) Ananda Chandra Barua

68. Who had written the book named ‘Prahlada Charitra’

(A) Hema Saraswati
(B) Harivara Vipra
(C) Madhava Kandali
(D) Kaviratna Saravati

Correct Answer: (A) Hema Saraswati

69. Which Assamese poet had translated Valmiki Ramayana into Assamese verse ‘Saptakanda Ramayana’

(A) Ananta Kandali
(B) Madhava Kandali
(C) Sankardeva
(D) Kaviratna Saravati

Correct Answer: (B) Madhava Kandali

70. The Assam silk industry is mainly centered in

(A) Hajo
(B) Rangia
(C) Batadrava
(D) Sualkuchi

Correct Answer: (D) Sualkuchi

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