Indian Polity and Constitution MCQs

16. Sikkim became a new state in the Union by the __________Amendment act

(A) 32nd, 1974
(B) 35th, 1975
(C) 36th, 1975
(D) 37th, 1978

Correct Answer: (C) 36th, 1975

Answer Explanation:
Sikkim became a state of India via the Thirty-sixth Amendment Act, 1975 on 26th April, 1975. The Sikkim State day is observed on 16th May of every year because this was the day when the first Chief Minister of Sikkim assumed office.

17. An appeal can be made in the Supreme Court of India in __________?

(A) Civil & Criminal Matters
(B) Criminal & Constitutional Matters
(C) Civil , Criminal & Constitutional Matters
(D) Constitutional and Criminal Matters

Correct Answer: (C) Civil , Criminal & Constitutional Matters

18. What was the original requirement of ”Magna carta” ?

(A) To bring the powers of King under law
(B) To make the power of the kings beyond Law
(C) To limit the power of Barons
(D) None of them

Correct Answer: (A) To bring the powers of King under law

19. Which of the following posts is not mentioned in Constitution?

(A) Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha
(B) Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha
(C) Attorney General
(D) Solicitor General

Correct Answer: (D) Solicitor General

20. By which among the following ways, the Constitution Assembly generally arrived at decisions on various provisions of the Constitution?

(A) Simple Majority
(B) Two Third Majority
(C) Consensus
(D) Casting Vote

Correct Answer: (C) Consensus

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