Assam General knowledge / Assam GK / Assam History / Assam Quiz Section 2

81. According to Hiuen Tsang, the circumference of Kamrupa was

(A) 1700 miles
(B) 1900 miles
(C) 2000 miles
(D) 2300 miles

Correct Answer: (A) 1700 miles

82. Hiuen Tsang’s account specifically mentions two varieties of fruits as esteemed to the people of Kamrupa. What were these

(A) Mango and Nuts
(B) Jack fruits and Coconuts
(C) Pineapples and Bananas
(D) Lemons and Pears

Correct Answer: (B) Jack fruits and Coconuts

83. Which district of Assam is also known as the “Land of the Satras”

(A) Barpeta
(B) Majuli
(C) Jorhat
(D) Nagaon

Correct Answer: (A) Barpeta

84. What was the name of the Muslim tailor who became a disciple of Sankardev at Koch Behar

(A) Ali Mech
(B) Kabir
(C) Chandsai
(D) Ismail Siddique

Correct Answer: (C) Chandsai

85. Which district was famous for ivory carving in Assam

(A) Dhubri
(B) Sibsagar
(C) Barpeta
(D) Dibrugarh

Correct Answer: (C) Barpeta

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