Assam General knowledge / Assam GK / Assam History / Assam Quiz Section 2

21. The credit of first Assamese poetess plus first Assamese short story writer amongst women went to

(A) Rita Devi
(B) Mamoni Raisom Goswami
(C) Nalinibala Devi
(D) Yamuneswari Khatoniar

Correct Answer: (D) Yamuneswari Khatoniar

22. Which one below constituency of Assam Legislative Assembly reserved for Schedule Tribe

(A) Majuli
(B) Bihpuria
(C) Mahmara
(D) Bokakhat

Correct Answer: (A) Majuli

23. The ruins of Bhismaknagar is belonged to which dynasty

(A) Ahom Kingdom
(B) Chutiya Kingdom
(C) Koch Kingdom
(D) Kachari Kingdom

Correct Answer: (B) Chutiya Kingdom

24. In which year, Doordarshan Kendra was established in Assam to telecast programmes in the Assamese language

(A) 1989
(B) 1991
(C) 1994
(D) 1995

Correct Answer: (B) 1991

25. How many Lok Sabha constituencies in Assam are reserve for schedule tribes

(A) 2
(B) 3
(C) 4
(D) 5

Correct Answer: (A) 2

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