Assam General knowledge / Assam GK / Assam History / Assam Quiz Section 2

36. The ancient city ‘Bengmara’ is presently known as

(A) Dibrugarh
(B) Diphu
(C) Tinsukia
(D) Sadiya

Correct Answer: (C) Tinsukia

37. During Indian Independence, how many districts Assam had

(A) 12
(B) 13
(C) 15
(D) 16

Correct Answer: (B) 13

38. Which of the following Wildlife Sanctuaries is located in Udalguri district

(A) Chakrashila
(B) Bornadi
(C) Amchang
(D) Bura Chapori

Correct Answer: (B) Bornadi

39. Which district ranks first in regards to density of population as per 2011 Census

(A) Nagaon
(B) Marigaon
(C) Dhubri
(D) Kamrup Metro

Correct Answer: (D) Kamrup Metro

40. Hayungthal Copper Plate was issued by

(A) Bhaskar Varman
(B) Susthita Varman
(C) Harjjar Varman
(D) Banamala Varman

Correct Answer: (C) Harjjar Varman

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