Assam General knowledge / Assam GK / Assam History / Assam Quiz Section 2

186. Who is the founder of the Assamese daily English newspaper “The Assam Tribune”

(A) Prafulla Govinda Baruah
(B) Radha Govinda Baruah
(C) Siva Prasad Barooah
(D) Dhirendra Nath Bezbaruah

Correct Answer: (B) Radha Govinda Baruah

187. Which city is also known as “The Cultural Capital of Assam”

(A) Jorhat
(B) Guwahati
(C) Sivsagar
(D) Nagaon

Correct Answer: (A) Jorhat

188. The first non-government college of Assam is

(A) Biswanath College of Agriculture, Biswanath Chariali
(B) Bholanath College, Dhubri
(C) Bajali College, Barpeta
(D) J.B. College, Jorhat

Correct Answer: (D) J.B. College, Jorhat

189. When Majuli is formally declared as a district in Assam

(A) September 2016
(B) November, 2016
(C) January 2017
(D) March 2017

Correct Answer: (A) September 2016

190. Which forest is single-handedly planted by Jadav Payeng

(A) Barnadi forest
(B) Molai forest
(C) Barail forest
(D) Dihing forest

Correct Answer: (B) Molai forest

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