Ancient Indian History

26. Which Ashokan inscription prohibits animal slaughter?

(A) Major rock edict III
(B) Major rock edict I
(C) Major rock edict IV
(D) Major rock edict V

Correct Answer: (B) Major rock edict I

Answer Explanation:
The Major rock edict I of Ashoka prohibits animal slaughter and holidays of festive gathering. Only two peacocks and one deer were killed in Asoka’s kitchen. He wished to discontinue this practice of killing two peacocks and one deer as well. On the other hand, Major Rock Edict II mentions medical treatment for men and animals, construction of roads, wells and tree planting.

27. In the Maurya empire, what was the name of department of the Chief of the Mines ?

(A) Dauvarika
(B) Antapal
(C) Karmantika
(D) Paura

Correct Answer: (C) Karmantika

Answer Explanation:
Karmantika was the department name of the Chief of the Mines.

28. In context of Mauryan administration, who was the chief supervisor of the collection of revenue from the whole kingdom?

(A) Samaharta
(B) Sannidhata
(C) Karmantika
(D) Antapal

Correct Answer: (A) Samaharta

Answer Explanation:
As per the Arthashastra of Chankya, Samaharta was the Chief Collector general of revenue that supervises the collection of revenue from the whole kingdom.Pradeshtri was known as the Divisional Commissioner. They were the modern district magistrates and in charge of district. They were to make tours once in every 5 years to inspect the entire administration of the areas under control. Antapal was known as the Governor of the frontier.

29. Which of the following book is the sequel of an epic ‘Silappadikarma’?

(A) Jivaka Chintamani
(B) Manimekalai
(C) Bharatman
(D) Kunal

Correct Answer: (B) Manimekalai

Answer Explanation:
The story of Manimekalai is a sequel of an epic ‘Silappatikaram’ that tells the story of the conversion to Buddhism of the daughter of Kovalan and Madhavi. Seethalai Saathanaar was the author of the book ‘Manimekalai’.

30. In Sangam age, the book ‘Bharatam’ was written by _?

(A) Perudevanar
(B) Manimekalai
(C) Seethalai Saathanaar
(D) Tiruttakrdeva

Correct Answer: (A) Perudevanar

Answer Explanation:
The book, ‘ Bharatam’ was written by Perudevanar. The author had also composed the invocatory versus for the Sangam classics Ahnanuru, Puranamuru, Kuruntogai, Narrinai and Aingurunuru.

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