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106. Which Chola King built the Kallanai Dam on Kaveri River

(A)  Nalankilli
(B)  Karikala
(C)  Rajendra II
(D)  Aditya I

Correct Answer: (B)  Karikala

107. The Thiruvalluvar Day is celebrated every year on

(A)  13th January
(B)  15th January
(C)  20th January
(D)  25th January

Correct Answer: (B)  15th January

108. Which sports is recognised as the state game in Tamil Nadu

(A)  Football
(B)  Chess
(C)  Kabbadi
(D)  Badminton

Correct Answer: (C)  Kabbadi

109. In which Grand Slam event, Nirupama Sanjeev became the first Indian woman to feature and win a round at a main draw in the year 1998

(A)  Australian Open
(B)  French Open
(C)  US Open
(D)  Wimbledon

Correct Answer: (A)  Australian Open

110. The first ever International Beach Volleyball Championship was hosted in the year

(A)  2007
(B)  2008
(C)  2009
(D)  2010

Correct Answer: (B)  2008

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