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56. Which place is known for windmills

(A)  Muppandal
(B)  Tirupur
(C)  Nanguneri
(D)  None of these

Correct Answer: (A)  Muppandal

57. Tirupur is located on the banks of river

(A)  Bhavani
(B)  Noyyal
(C)  Periyar
(D)  Palar

Correct Answer: (B)  Noyyal

58. The chief features of the temples constructed by the Cholas were their

(A)  Gopuras
(B)  Massive pillars
(C)  Assembly halls for the devotees
(D)  Vimanas

Correct Answer: (D)  Vimanas

59. The first verse drama (opera) in Tamil is

(A)  Harichandra Natakam
(B)  Nandan Charitram
(C)  Shakuntala Natakam
(D)  Savitri Natakam

Correct Answer: (A)  Harichandra Natakam

60. The Kailasanath temple at Kanchipuram was built by

(A)  Nandivarman II
(B)  Mahendravarman I
(C)  Narasimhavarman II
(D)  Dandivarman

Correct Answer: (C)  Narasimhavarman II

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