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101. For which of the following industries, Salem is famous

(A)  Steel
(B)  Cement
(C)  Cotton
(D)  Computers

Correct Answer: (A)  Steel

102. In which year, UNESCO added the Nilgiri Mountain Railway as World Heritage Site

(A)  1999
(B)  2001
(C)  2003
(D)  2005

Correct Answer: (D)  2005

103. By population, Tamil Nadu is the _____ most largest state in India

(A)  Fourth
(B)  Sixth
(C)  Seventh
(D)  Nineth

Correct Answer: (B)  Sixth

104. Which one is the additional official language of Tamil Nadu

(A)  English
(B)  Hindi
(C)  Telugu
(D)  Kanada

Correct Answer: (A)  English

105. The Nayanars are known as a group of how many saints

(A)  52
(B)  57
(C)  61
(D)  63

Correct Answer: (D)  63

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