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46. In which year seats were reserved for women in local bodies in Tamil Nadu

(A)  1991
(B)  1993
(C)  1994
(D)  1996

Correct Answer: (C)  1994

47. Tamil Nadu is a major producer of

(A)  Sunflower
(B)  Onion
(C)  Cotton
(D)  Sugarcane

Correct Answer: (D)  Sugarcane

48. Which queen is also known as Veeramangai (brave women)

(A)  Jakkamma
(B)  Vellai Natchiyar
(C)  Muthayee Ammal
(D)  Velu Nachiyar

Correct Answer: (D)  Velu Nachiyar

49. The Rapid Transit System in Tamil Nadu is located in

(A)  Salem
(B)  Trichy
(C)  Chennai
(D)  Thanjavur

Correct Answer: (C)  Chennai

50. Total geographical area of Tamil Nadu is

(A)  1,30,955 sq. km
(B)  1,30,058 sq. km
(C)  1,28,055 sq. km
(D)  1,40,033 sq. km

Correct Answer: (B)  1,30,058 sq. km

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