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1. Tamil Nadu is the ______ largest state by areawise in India

(A)  2nd
(B)  5th
(C)  8th
(D)  11th

Correct Answer: (D)  11th

2. In which year the Madras State was renamed as Tamil Nadu

(A)  1956
(B)  1961
(C)  1966
(D)  1969

Correct Answer: (D)  1969

3. Who was the first Chief Minister after it was renamed as Tamil Nadu

(A)  M. Karunanidhi
(B)  C. N. Annadurai
(C)  M. G. Ramachandran
(D)  Janaki Ramachandran

Correct Answer: (B)  C. N. Annadurai

4. Which one is recognised as state fruit in Tamil Nadu

(A)  Jackfruit
(B)  Mango
(C)  Banana
(D)  Orange

Correct Answer: (A)  Jackfruit

5. Which one is the longest ruling dynasties in Tamilnadu

(A)  Pandyan Dynasty
(B)  Chola Dynasty
(C)  Chera Dynasty
(D)  Satavahana Dynasty

Correct Answer: (B)  Chola Dynasty

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